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Ok, Valentine’s Day is already on the row. And as any other girl you’ve decided to put a gift finding aside for the last minutes. Well, everybody does it. But it doesn’t mean it has to be like this. Especially as it’s a Valentine gift for him. In fact, it’s a kind of ritual that we go through on the eve of every holiday. It seems to be easy to find something that a guy likes. But when it comes to a particular choice it turns out you’re stuck.

There is a wide choice of nice gifts for your boyfriend in on-line shops. But before get surfing, try to define for yourself that the Valentine gift for him should contain devotion and creativity.

For a start, let’s get back in time and remember the spin-the-bottle game that we all used to play in.

Now with the up-dated A Game Of Mischief things get even more interesting. This game contains all kinds of dares starting with playful and innocent and ending with sensual and intimate. To play it you just have to place the bottles between you two and spin it. Once it stops, the player picks out of the bottle a dare. Believe me the dares will trigger the passion!

Now let’s think a bit. Every guy likes gadgets. And that’s for sure your boyfriend has lots of them. But I bet that he hasn’t thought of matching accessories. That’s the point where girls take the stage! Colonel’s Leather Phone Case is basically a smartphone holder. It is made of pigskin leather and has nickel silver hardware. It’s a perfect Valentine gift for him! It easily attaches to a belt or briefcase and has an opening for ear phones!

If your boyfriend has a dog and appreciate a sense of humour, then opt for a Pet’s Eye View Camera. It’s a unique chance to see the world like our pets see. This camera clips to the pet’s collar and does no harm to your furry friend.

So considering the above-mentioned variants, try to make a wise choice. Remember that the Valentine’s gift for him should be thoughtful and should reflect the individuality. So be reasonable.

Posted by admin   @   5 May 2010 0 comments
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