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Posted by admin in Romantic Gifts on 7 April 2010 1 comments

We’re all fed up with winter. Yeah, surely it’s nice to have snow and frosty air but it’s a bit too much. So if your girlfriend or just a female friend shares your attitude, bright her grey winter days with new Geza Schoen’s perfumes, The Beautiful Mind.

In fact, it’s a perfume series for the creation of which Geza Schoen worked along with Christiane Stegner. As the result we have The Beautiful Mind Vol-1 that appeals to both heart and head. The scent is the divine combination of the notes of bergamot, magnolia, mandarin, Tahitian flower and rose oil.

Geza Schoen himself described the perfume as no one else could have done it better

According to him The Beautiful Mind is “ode to summer and its memories”. And it’s totally is. So if Valentine’s Day has somehow been missed or you just want to make a nice surprise to your girlfriend The Beautiful Mind is the top choice!

Posted by admin   @   7 April 2010 1 comments
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