Pumpkin carving decorating designs for Halloween

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With just a week left before the spookiest holiday of the year, it’s high time to start planning how to dress up your pumpkin for a big day. When setting off in search of this special orange attribute, you just have to take it for granted that you’ll have to fork out the money for a really good vegetable. The squash must be fresh and with no “hints” of hard past life like bruises and injuries. Halloween is a cool holiday. So why be greedy? Especially as extreme pumpkin decorating may be a brilliant Halloween gift for children.

When the perfect candidate is delivered at home, it’s time to come out with some fancy pumpkin carving decorating. First of all take few old newspapers or paper towels. Surely, you will do it with your children. So make sure you’re supervising them when they operate with knife and other carving stuff. When the pumpkin is disemboweled, here comes the most exciting part!
stitched-pumpkin-halloween panther-pumpkin-carving-halloween junk-pumkin-design-halloween
Admittedly, we are a bit fed up with traditional pumpkin carving decorating designs. So, let me point at some extreme ones. How about junk pumpkins? We all have hypes of old stuff that is unnecessary any more but for some mysterious reason we can’t rid of it. So, give it some fresh breath. Try making scary phizes using garden fencing, old wheels and rusty springs. Any kind of hardware will do. Try adding some fanciful carving as a final touch. And here you are!

Have you ever seen stitched pumpkin faces? Try to make your squash intentionally bruised by carving mouth with stitches resembling pattern and sticking some plasters. Children will undoubtedly appreciate such a gift!

Another fine idea is looking for some pumpkin carving patterns in the Internet. For example at familyfun.go.com you may find some really exquisite patterns as panther pumpkin. This pumpkin will look like piece of art. You just stick the print pattern to the vegetable and make corresponding holes.

Halloween is fun time for the whole family. So try to make good use of it.

Posted by admin   @   26 October 2009 0 comments
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