Pick up lingerie for your girlfriend

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As a rule, men find buying lingerie for a girlfriend a very nice idea. It demonstrates that you’ve been thinking, choosing and spending some time. Lingerie belongs to those gifts telling a woman she’s beautiful. Also, lingerie is a kind of gifts that can be presented for any occasion such as anniversary or birthday or just because you wanted to buy it to take it off from her later.

However, guys are always get lost in underwear boutiques ending up by panic desire to pick the nearest item that is approximately her size and run away as fast as they can. It seems to me that every man experienced that nervous trembling in such shops.

It becomes even harder as women are too touchy about clothes and particularly their size. With lingerie it’s something horrible. If you buy a small item and your girlfriend wouldn’t fit, she’ll certainly feel too fat for that sophisticated thing. Alternatively, if you buy a larger size, she’ll reckon you reckon she’s fatter than she really is. The simplest way out is to “break” into her drawer and read the size labels on her bras and knickers. Quite pathetic? Yep. But the ends justify the means, you know…

Pick up lingerie for your girlfriend

Pick up lingerie for your girlfriend

Another important issue is to draw a line between sexy and vulgar lingerie.

Every woman knows the difference. So ask her best friend for help or any other girl you know. You must have friends among girls.

What is more, it is important to mind how comfortable your girlfriend feels about her body as lingerie differs according to the degree of revealing. If a girl is insecure, do not opt for open items. However if she belongs to “wild” type, then you may feel free about bold models. Always pay attention at what she’s wearing now. It’s the best tip you can get.

Don’t be ashamed talking to consultants in shops.

They are good at helping confused men to find the suitable lingerie. If you know what the kind of person your girlfriend is, then a consultant will find a perfect gift.

If you still feel you’re going to mess it up, then just talk to your girlfriend. Don’t know why guys keep on forgetting doing that… To buy lingerie for a girlfriend is not that easy. So ask her for help. This is the last and probably most useful piece of advice.

Posted by admin   @   12 November 2009 0 comments
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