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It is possible to commemorate the wedding day and make it even more memorable with personalizing the gifts. When the big day passes, only photos and gifts bring all those precious W-day moments back. Also, wedding presents are quite often frustrating. On the one hand, most likely the newlyweds will receive a couple of blenders, three or four toasters and a dozen of photo albums. On the other hand, it’s hard for the guests to light upon something original. So, the newlyweds’ names added to the presents will be a very nice supplement. Especially as practically everything may be personalized nowadays.

One of the most uncommon wedding gifts yet is the personalized wedding time capsule that is a marvelous keepsake set holding all the memories from the big day, honeymoon and first year living together.

Another amazing custom wedding gift is personalized photo gift. It is possible to stick the newlyweds’ pictures anywhere. One of the most frequently personalized surfaces is signature platters. What is more, guests can leave their wishes and commentaries with a ceramic marker. All the manipulation that has to be performed afterwards is baking the platter in a home oven. As a result, all your memories will be baked into the porcelain forever. Furthermore, you can put photos on a quilt thus warming the happy newlyweds in both figurative (with heart-warming memories) and literal (with a cozy blanket) senses.

However, we should not neglect such classic wedding attributes as flutes. Just imagine how the newlyweds make their first champagne sip from the flutes with their names engraved on them. In addition, you may create a memorable keepsake for the newlyweds by giving them a set of personalized wine bottles. Each item is delicately supplemented with your wishes and messages written on it.

Moreover, you may present your just married friends a puzzle depicting their magnificent appearances on the wedding day. It is personalized and really original gift.

Of course, any present will be appreciated. However, it is way much nicer to have something with your name carved on it, isn’t it?

Posted by admin   @   23 October 2009 0 comments
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