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Housewarming items are something with what you can make your home a much cozier place to live in. Each part of a home can embrace some nice changes with personal touch. For the kitchen there are personalized cookie jars, mugs, engraved cutting boards, popcorn bowls and so on. The bedroom can be decorated with personalized blankets and pillows. Welcome doormats and signs can go outside and to a garden.

The same true is for personalized housewarming gifts. These are the kind of the most universal gifts, probably. If you have newlyweds starting joint life or new neighbors to buy a present for, or friends that moved to a new house, or if you’re just visiting your friends in their country house for the first time, personalized housewarming gifts are always welcome!

Let’s start with something that each home starts with, actually.

With a doorstep or if more precisely – with a doormat. Available in all shapes, sizes, design, colours and materials doormats can be personalized with a full name or initials or whatever you want. Aluminum, quality polyester, coir made from natural fibers models – all can be accustomed.

If proceed inside the house, we need a nice item to hang the keys, hat or coat on.

Personalized name key holder is just what you need! Such holders designed to hold not only keys but also coats, dog leashes and other “hangable” items. It can be personalized with any name. Even more personal is “His or Hers Keyholder”. The set includes a key holder and unique key. Nice idea, isn’t it?

Personalized doormat for grandparents

Personalized doormat for grandparents

As for the kitchen, as a rule they all look the same. However, some saucy pieces can brighten up your cuisine routine. A personalized apron is a great gift. And it’s not only a decoration with what kitchens are usually cluttered up as it has some practical meaning.

All in all, making such a present you should keep in mind that a home is more than a place where you eat and sleep.

It contains memories, feelings and love. So a personalized housewarming gift should contain those all, as well.

Personalized apron

Personalized apron

Key-holder for him and for her

Key-holder for him and for her

Personalized keyholder

Personalized keyholder

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