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Baptism is fairly considered as one of the most important days in the life of every Christian. And presenting a baptism gift just shows how much you care about the baby and parents. It is true that many people don’t practice baptism.

14 April 2010 Christening Gifts
Post Thumbnail of Pumpkin carving decorating designs for Halloween

With just a week left before the spookiest holiday of the year, it’s high time to start planning how to dress up your pumpkin for a big day.

26 October 2009 Halloween Gifts
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Valentine’s Day is a perfect chance to express one more time your love to the closest people, be it your partner or child. As a rule, kids are those left aside when it comes to Valentine’s Day. However, it is extremely important that your kid didn’t feel useless.

21 October 2009 Valentine's Day Gifts
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Double doesn’t mean trouble, as a rule. Still it’s not always easy to dig an interesting find for a pair of two cute babies. Thanks God, there is a wide selection of twin baby gifts varying in their purposes and style.

15 October 2009 Baby Gifts
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