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You know what people say about the first impression, do you? So when it comes to wedding, such a small detail as a wedding invitation card is indeed the first indicator of your celebration that gives an idea what the whole ceremony will be like.

A good invitation card is the sign of fine taste and style. It sets the tone of the celebration.

Using original invitations cards you may add something personal to the occasion and give a hint what guests may expect.

So, it’s important to think of a wedding invitation card wording. However, mind that “original” doesn’t mean flamboyant. Sometimes it’s quite enough to have your names written in a sophisticated type, like the Heart Calligraphy Wedding Invitation. The front of this invitation card is decorated with your names written in a calligraphic style in heart-shaped frame formed by flowers. The central panel contains a verse which you’re going to choose yourself and the third panel is for an invitation wording.

Heart Calligraphy Wedding Invitation

Heart Calligraphy Wedding Invitation

If still it’s not exquisite enough for you, then look at the Gold Autumn invitation card. It’s a true embodiment of elegance with natural flavor. The card is wrapped with a handmade tissue. The invitation is square-shaped which makes it look in a modern way. Inside you may write any wedding invitation card wording you want. The main accent is a golden leaf and ribbon. This striking composition will surely astonish your guests. As a cherry on top, a handmade envelope winds up this gorgeous ensemble.

Gold Autumn Card

Gold Autumn Card

For an exotic flair opt for the Alchemy Union invitation card. It is perfect for those couples who plan their wedding on islands or in other natural surroundings. The invitation card is wrapped in a fascinating folder made of woven grass paper. Companion pieces elegantly match the whole composition. Meanwhile, the front is completed with a silk ribbon.

Alchemy Union Card

Alchemy Union Card

Surely, wedding day is one of the most important in your life and every detail has its peculiar meaning.

So make it even more special with a unique invitation card.

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