Last minute Christmas gifts

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With just a few days left before the Big X-day, millions rush frantically from one shopping mall to another digging for a perfect gift for the nearest and dearest. Let’s face it, we love to receive gifts. On the contrary, it’s always a headache to find a nice one. As a rule, we’re having no clue what we’re hunting for. But there always is a firm confidence that we will ferret out an outstanding bargain. It seems that we consider a last minute gift as a part of the Christmas ceremony with a miracle occurring in the very last minute. However, the reality is tougher than we expect. Anyway, is it really possible to chance upon a good buy in the very fever of the season? Yet, it’s possible.

One question. What do people like doing most? Any ideas? That’s it. They like eating. Perhaps, a restaurant certificate is quite a conventional gift, but it’s easy and fast and you don’t have to bother with it much. Another variant is cooking. Even if you can’t cook, there are lots of simple recipes that even a child can handle with. Try to make some fancy cookies. Then wrap them into a nice package with some embellishment. And here you are!

If you don’t have much time for bothering with this, you can try online shops. There is the long row of superior items that can perfectly do as a last minute Christmas gift. For example, a good bath set including shower gel, body lotion and bath salts is rather useful. Soap on a rope is another original bath attribute that can make your bathroom look much more fanciful and sophisticated.

If you are ransacking for a girl gift, then your girlfriend will be ecstatic to receive a shoe calendar introducing a different pair for each day of the year. It’s both witty and practical! For a book-lover, Penguin offers a saucy book deck chair that may serve not as a book holder but rather as an intricate interior detail.

But if it’s really a LAST minute Christmas gift that you cannot come up with, buy some flowers decorated with ribbons. Anyway, you can always give your friends the opportunity to decide on the present themselves by giving them money. It’s a bit pathetic, you know… But they won’t be sulky with you! Keep it up and… Merry Christmas!

Posted by admin   @   20 October 2009 0 comments

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