How to Get Rid of Unexpected Guests

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From time to time it happens to all of us. It is simply impossible to avoid unexpected guests. It seems that home is meant to be a place to hide. This is a shelter where you can leave all everyday problems behind and relax. So, it’s obvious that you get mad when you’re planning a quiet Sunday and out of a blue sky some “welcomed” people come to your house. Well, if look at the basis of things, if they are unwanted, it means they aren’t guests, actually. So you may take off the haunting feeling of self-eating consciousness and start settling them out of your territory.

Following are the tips of how to get rid of unexpected guests.

The first one and probably the most efficient way not letting the unwanted visitors in is not opening a door. Nobody said that it’s obligatory to open a door when the doorbell rings. You may ignore it, as nobody knows for sure whether you’re at home or not. And even if unexpected guests see lights on inside the house, you can always say that you were in shower. It’s easy!

Otherwise, if it’s late and you are lucky enough to see them coming, turn off the lights. It’s an obvious sign that should be respected. Just try not running from one window to another peeping out to see whether they have left or not. If they see you doing this, it will be rather embarrassing. What is more, you may open the door but remain at the doorway like you’re not going to let the unwanted guests in. It’s body language perceived on the level of consciousness. If they are smart enough, they should understand everything.

However, if the worst has happened and the intruders have penetrated into your house, then I can give you other strategic tips how to get rid of them. Start doing things they do not like. Make them feel uncomfortable. Do not serve food or offer meals they do not eat. If they do not understand hints, apply some serious tactic. Pretend you’re sleeping. Just don’t participate in conversation, lie on the sofa and start closing your eyes.

I hope that you won’t get a chance to resort to these tricks. But if yes, then you’ll have the opportunity to check whether they’re really helpful.

Posted by admin   @   3 December 2009 0 comments

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