Homemade Valentines gifts

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With just a few weeks set aside for searching for a decent Valentine gift it’s easy to forget or sink in everyday routine. Moreover, it’s been talked a lot about materialistic meaning of this holiday. Skeptics say that Valentine’s Day was created only for making people buy unnecessary presents. I think we all are a little fed up with teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolates and flowers.

So instead of making sprinter rounds in local shopping malls and paying out lots of cash think of giving a homemade Valentines gift. It won’t mean that you’re being greedy or just neglect your beloved one. On the contrary, it will justify your attitude and show your sweetheart you love. Imagine how your boyfriend or girlfriend will look at the present you’ve made yourself and his/her heart fills with joy and happiness. It may sound trivial but it doesn’t mean that people don’t like such things. Especially women love when gifts are thoughtful. So don’t be lazy to bring out a nice gift idea!

What can be more romantic than memories you two share together? If you’ve collected different pieces of these memories like tickets for a first movie you watched together, or first pictures of you two, or anything meaning something special, then you have everything to make a nice scrapbook!

Making a flip book is another great idea

If you don’t have a clue about a homemade Valentines gift. It’s not difficult. Think of something nice. For example, think why you love your beloved person and make up a list. Use nice paper and decorative tools. And your gift is ready! It will be also nice to collect nice love quotes or poems and make something like a calendar with every day having its personal quote. It will take some time, surely. But it’s for your sweetheart, isn’t it?

Don’t underestimate the meaning of homemade food!

Devote some time for preparing favorite meals of your boyfriend or your favorite girlfriend’s cookies. It’s cheap and easy. And rewarding. In fact, baking cookies has always been a nice courting tradition. Just choose an item you want to bake and go on! Cakes, muffins, squares, candies – there are so many of them!

Homemade Valentines gifts may seem something to bother with. But it’s not like that. Try once and this will become an annual tradition!

Posted by admin   @   2 April 2010 0 comments

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