Hilarious T-shirt ideas for Christmas

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Do you happen to feel like making a statement but you’ve got no chance of doing it? If you want to make an outcry towards your unbearable boss, government or bad-behaving boyfriend, there are lots of options to express everything that you wanted for long. The thing is how to realize it to make everybody see this. The answer is as easy as ever! A

T-shirt speaking for itself!

With Christmas becoming as closer as ever, a hilarious T-shirt is a perfect gift that will make people turn heads. There are lots of them. You can also find some really decent offers like vintage discount pieces. Classic items with popular TV shows, movie blockbusters and cartoons images. 80s hilarious kitsch themed tees will single you out of a crowd for sure! Meanwhile, angry offensive T-shirts will knock down anybody who would try to tick you off.

Original, witty, aggressive and all accustomed – choose whichever you want!

Do you consider yourself an emotional person? Or another way around, you don’t think you are like this but people say you are. Then shut them with a tee saying “Drama Queen”. It’s like “Ok, I know what you’re going to say but you don’t have to because my T-shirt already saying this!”


For an ultimate person there is an ultimate T-shirt with a bold inscription “I Don’t Need Sex. The Government Fucks Me Every Day”. Yeah, we all know the government subject is flat but you just can’t neglect this crying statement!


Much more innocent but by no means less witty is a “Deja Moo. The Feeling I’ve Heard This Before” piece. We all know what déjà vu is. But the point is not in that. This T-shirt just lifts you up each time you look at it which makes up a superb Christmas gift.


Even more uplifting is a “Cereal Killer” item. Do you like puns? Do you fond of morning cereal? Do you enjoy making people laugh? If yes, then look no further as you’ve already found what you need!


To sum up, rightly or wrongly, funny T-shirts are another display of modern popular culture which has both sides, as you know.

So, don’t mess up when choosing a funny T-shirt for a Christmas gift and don’t overdo it!

Posted by admin   @   4 December 2009 0 comments

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