Graduation cookie cutters

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I think it’s safe to claim the Graduation day belongs to those turning points when it’s time to clearly define which way to stick to. So it’s natural we try to memorize it each way possible. Some people try to carve their names on various items. Meanwhile, others scratch their heads with no decent idea coming to mind.

While you’re making helpless gestures, I want to deliver a brilliant (as I think) idea. Everybody likes cookies. Even skinny models love them. They can’t eat them, though. But normal people can. Anyway, how about graduation cookies? Surfing the Internet I found lots of websites offering diverse graduation cookie cutters: graduation cap, happy graduate, smiley face graduate and diploma-shaped cutters. Year cookie cutter shaped in any year you may require reminds somehow of birthday cake candles. But you can also use it in terms of the year of your graduation.

Even more, you can prepare these fancy tasty pieces yourself. Just buy prepackaged cookie mix. Add some flour, eggs and butter. Roll it over the baking sheet. Press the dough layer with graduation cookie cutters to make the cookies accustomed to the special event. And bake it for 8-10 minutes. To final touch add some color icing. Bon appétit!

Don’t you think that graduation cookies are fantastic and original way to sweeten the memories about this big event?

Posted by admin   @   29 October 2009 0 comments

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