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Obviously, we all love our dads. And Father’s Day is a really good opportunity to show them that. Being one of the trickiest holidays on planet (regarding different dates) Father’s Day may become a true headache when it comes to choosing a present. Even if you’ve been warned beforehand about upcoming holiday, it is a usual situation that you just don’t know what to choose till the last minute. Thus, here comes the list of the most desired and useful as we think presents that perhaps won’t make your dad completely happy but will definitely make him smile.

How about a double frame for photograph featuring the image of you and your dad on one side while the other contains a funny or heartwarming or inspiring poem written by you? Right. Now, you’re going to complain about the conventional idea… Whatever people say, every dad wants to know how enormously special he is. Just try and you’ll see the result. And how about personalized T-shirt? Just imagine your dad proudly sporting a tee with such an inscription as “Best Dad In The Whole World” or “My Dad Rules!”

But if your dad doesn’t buy on such soppy stuff, he’ll definitely appreciate Harley Davidson rent service. Just give him a rent ticket for one day and he will have the time of his life! Alternatively, you may search for different club memberships such as wine or cigar club. Also you can make your dad happy with some cool computer game or super-cool gadget as odor remediator, unusual flash stick, personal air conditioner or video camera pen. By the way, has ever your dad mentioned that he’d like to start playing golf? If yes, then indoor golf simulator is the shortest way to become a skilled hand at this aristocratic game.

If you still don’t know what to choose, then there is no other way than just take your dad out for some walk. Or concert. Or football game. Or dinner at restaurant. Or cinema. Any demonstration of attention will do.

And, anyway. Come out finally with some decent idea! Chop-chop!

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