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Nowadays, wedding gifts come as you wish. All shapes and sizes. All prices you can afford. All requirements you want to meet. Wedding gifts are one of the most difficult kinds of presents to find and choose. To begin, you don’t want to be typical. Sure, newlyweds will appreciate another blender. But, obviously, original gifts bear more appeal and meaning. In addition, if a couple is really close to you, you just have to dig something unique. With all that wide selection of presents nowadays, it’s still quite a nag to be original. The best way out is engraved wedding gifts. As engraving is something that can be applied to almost any item existing on this planet.

Of course, one of the most “engraved-suffering” objects is jewelry. Why? Well, it’s beautiful and durable enough. I think that there needn’t be any more other reasons. For example, what can be more romantic than two hearts joined together? Two merged hearts symbolize love. And with engraved newlyweds’ names this present makes even stronger effect. The same true is for an initial pendant. It’s just a bit more anonymous. More intimate, if you want to put it like that. Initial means something special to those who know but doesn’t reveal everything.

You may also opt for a personalized picture frame. Yeah, I know. We’re a bit fed up with photo frames. Still, it’s elegant and not as expensive as jewelry. This frame bears the names of newlyweds engraved in sophisticated script. This one would be a perfect place to house a wedding photo!

If you’re searching for a gift with some practical appeal, then think of personalized bottle opener. This engraved wedding gift is a perfect choice for a home bar that can start its functioning right on the wedding day! If your newlywed friends are wine connoisseurs, an elegant bottle stopper engraved with their names is an ace gift!

So in a rush of looking for a nice present, mind the meaning you want to put in it. Just keep it personal. It’ll be repaid, in the long run.

Posted by admin   @   30 October 2009 0 comments
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