Christmas gifts under $10

Posted by admin in Christmas gifts on 19 October 2009 2 comments

Christmas bells are ringing at their loudest about the upcoming holiday. Meanwhile, you’re rushing from one nicely decorated shop-window to another searching for something both cheap and nice. Christmas gifts under $10 can become quite a problematic issue if you have a big family and lots of friends.

As a matter of fact, you can think of endless variants of gifts under $10 purchased or handmade both useful and meaningful. Try to make a gift by yourself. Think of some lovely wrapping and decorate the gift with a ribbon. Or even better! How about a CD with the collection of your friend’s (or relative’s, or whoever you’re going to give a present) favorite music pieces? It’s ridiculously cheap but very thoughtful as it means that you know that person quite well and have spend some time looking for his or her favorite compositions. And again better! Think of your friend’s favorite pastime. Reading books and drinking tea? Buy a good book, mug and some herbal tea. As for the books, they’ve been always considered as one of the best gifts. And cheap ones, to note. Purchase a cookbook about healthy food or self-improvement book. It’s cheap and cheerful!

If you think it won’t work, opt for something more unconventional such as a cinema gift certificate or collectible sports cards. Apropos, have you ever paid attention to how much more agreeable working space may be with some fanciful stationary added? Brighten up working routine is easier than ever with such intricate items as faux leather mouse pad that will look nice at any desktop, photo frame mouse pad to look at your nearest and dearest when working on a computer or desktop mobile phone holder designed to hold all kinds of standard mobile phones. And how about Moleskine notebook? There is no human being on this planet possessing one and still not liking it! The variety of Moleskine books is impressive. You’ll certainly find something nice.

You don’t really have to spend lots of cash to impress somebody. It is workable to dig a brill Christmas gift under $10 that still would be quite impressive. Use some imagination!

Posted by admin   @   19 October 2009 2 comments

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Oct 19, 2009
11:27 pm
#1 lyn :

great Christmas tips! i guess it’s safe to say you’re also a moleskine addict :)

Author Oct 20, 2009
1:25 am
#2 admin :

Thanks for your comment:)
And, oh yes, I am a moleskine-lover:)

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