Christmas gifts for teachers

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Teachers are those persons who play one of the most important parts in your life or life of your child. That is why it is important to show this person how much you appreciate her (or less likely him). Probably, the most appropriate occasion to do that is Christmas as it’s time when it’s all about presents. Yeah… Not family values, spiritual experience or saying nice words. We love presents. And teachers love them as well.

It’s just when it gets to Christmas gifts for teachers, all we can do is to shrug our shoulders in perplexity. Ok. Don’t panic. This time we’ll dig something cool. Just mind that year after year teachers get the same presents. Most often it’s mugs, T-shirts and candles. So try to be more original.

To start with, I don’t think that when people say teachers love reading, it is a stereotype! Think of some nice inspirational book. Or even better. A subscription to a popular magazine is an original and practical idea!

Even more practical is a basket with teaching supplies. September has gone and teachers have run out of some simple stuff. Buy a nice basket and fill it with pencils, erase markers, pens, chalks, notepads and paper.

If it is not original, then opt for a #1 teacher present. Nobody said that Christmas gifts for teachers have to be connected with school and be official. The T-shirt with Teacher #1 inscription is funny and surely will make your teacher smile. You can also personalize a photo album by making a special collection of images depicting your group sharing some nice moments with the teacher. Add some witty depiction to make it funnier.

Alternatively, you can take another way by purchasing a certificate to a mall, restaurant or spa. As for the latter, I think it’s the most desirable Christmas gift for a teacher. This profession involves constant stresses and hectic working days. There is nothing more pleasurable than relaxing in a hot bath after a day in a classroom.

It’s just a few tips that you can use or take as a basis for your own idea. Just try to be open-minded when choosing a gift.

Posted by admin   @   11 November 2009 1 comments

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Dec 8, 2009
9:38 am

Don’t forget the obvious: sometimes classroom supplies (or gift cards they can use to stock the classroom) are the most appreciated gift– they show your appreciation and give back to the kids too!

This was actually one of the most requested gifts in our teacher gift poll:

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