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Getting a gift is always a tough decision to make. Going through an endless list of gifts usually ends up that you are at your wits end having no idea as to either what to present or how to do it. Although it is generally believed that gifts for a girl are much easier to invent, one can spend hours mulling over the best bet and still end up clueless.

Concentrate on the person first

To avoid this routine, concentrate on the person first anf then decide on the present. What does she do? What are her hobbies? What are her cherished dreams? Then based on her likes and dislikes, you can choose the appropriate gifts for a girl.

For example, if a girl boasts of a creative spirit and always comes up with some hillarious ideas, provide her with the same! Or even more grandious! Organize a flamboyant suprize party, pick up some interesting games and roleplays… In other words, make the girl paint the town red and remember this day for the rest of her life!

Gifts for a fashinista are easier to find, but more expensive to buy. Everything that is glamorous, trendy or simply cute will do. You won’t miss the mark if you buy something similar to the last outfit of Madonna, Victoria Beckham or any other fashion icon. Don’t worry that the clothing won’t fit the girl. She can always exchange the item in the shop to her own size.

Student leaders and activists would appreciate a multi-functional organizer, books on leadership and time management. To their list also all sorts of ecologically-friendly staff belong. These might be organic cotton pillows, ecospheres for home, “Grow your own tree” kits, etc.

You might also act in the reverse side if you think that your friend is looped on one thing and needs to explore some other pleasures of life. In this case, choose the last fashion item of clothing for a stay-at-home type of a girl, and a guidebook on effective time management for an inveterate idler-girl. However, beware that you convey your message to the girl correnctly and avoid any misunderstandings on her part.

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