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Perhaps, bereavement gifts belong to those gifts that are most difficult to choose. When a person loses someone beloved or close, words don’t come easy to express all the sympathy. So, to find something saying how sorry you are is harder than ever. However, nowadays lots of online shops offer carefully selected collections with meaningful items intended to bring remembrance to grieving person.

Have you heard about memorial gift trees? In fact, they are perfect for any occasion such as birthday or wedding. However, bearing strong symbolic meaning they are great at honoring life. They are not too high, approximately 2 years old and arrive with detailed instruction how to plant and look after it. Memorial Rocks make a perfect match to such trees. They have a mat where any inscription may be carved.

Memorial gift trees

Memorial gift trees

“In Loving Memory” photo frame is a nice gift for those who lost a special person. This mat is divided into two parts with one which is a photo frame and another containing poetry by some inspirational poet as Judith Bulock Morse.

Angel Lapel Pins is another gift saying you are with someone who suffering hard time. This present is about sentiments and feelings. Meanwhile, the Reunion Heart contains a verse with a comforting belief that parted persons will reunite together. Such present may become an ideal choice if you’re searching for a bereavement gift to express compassion. It is symbolic as bitter experience leaves marks on our hearts. So has this piece of jewelry. The pendant has a hole shaped like a teardrop to commemorate those who have gone. All in all, it’s a very touching sympathy gift.

Probably, most appropriate and meaningful bereavement gift would be a tear bottle. The history of tear bottles is captivating. They were used in ancient times by mourning people who collected in them their tears and buried bottles with the deceased. Respectively recently, these bottles reappeared in 19th century. Now they serve as a beautiful symbol of eternal love and loyalty.

Tears bottle

Tears bottle

So, think of above-mentioned items or come out with your own. But mind that the best bereavement gift is sincere support.

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