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In past bachelorette gift ideas were hovering around some household items intending to help a young wife in her first marriage life steps. These gifts were rather practical and useful than original. Luckily, we’re living in times when young women can afford buying such stuff and are established themselves. Thus, bachelorette party gift ideas are more about having fun and being distinctive in choosing a present. There are so many amusing gifts that can make a bachelorette really memorable.

One of the most popular bachelorette gifts is lingerie. I think there is no point in explaining why this gift is practical. It’s just a bit risky as you may not guess the bride’s size accurately. However, most shops have returning and changing services so you shouldn’t worry about that. If you really want to make a good present, opt for Victoria’s Secret slip. This is a genuine silky luxury.

Bachelorette gift ideas - lingerie

Bachelorette gift ideas - lingerie

You can also add something personal to your gift by personalizing it. It’s not a secret that best gifts are those made by yourself. Don’t worry, if you are not good at making things. With some decorative materials and little effort it is possible to make a masterpiece with no talent and imagination at all. But if you actually can do something, then do not think for any other alternative! Make some embroidery for wedding table napkins. You can also try composing a beautiful bouquet.

Bachelorette gift ideas - wedding shower

Bachelorette gift ideas - wedding shower

One of the latest trends in bachelorette party gift ideas appears a wedding survival kit. You may choose ready kit or make it yourself. If a bride is your good friend, then you should know her favorite perfume and cosmetics brands. Buy some bathing items, hair products, deodorants, whatever she likes. Similarly, it can be a basket of her favorite candies, chocolates and cookies. It’s just a question whether the bride will be happy to get such a present before a wedding…

In addition, there are many gifts that surely make a bride blush. Just think how appropriate it is and do not confuse wittiness with vulgarity. Any other alternative will do, if it has some sincere appeal.

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